Hunting Land Leases....are they for you?

- Do you need a place to hunt?
- Are you tired of running into other hunters?
- Is your hunting interrupted or ruined by other hunters?
- Are you concerned for your safety and for the safety of others in your hunting party?
- Do you want to take your children on hunts and want you know you won't be bothered?

Hunting Land Leases Benefits

- Know you have access to land when you have time to hunt
- Don't worry about other hunters being there when you can't hunt and shooting your trophy buck.
- Know exactly where you will hunt and get to know the property so you can get the "big one"

Hunting a property you know will increase your odds of success.

- Learn the land and the animals
- Use trail cameras to learn the patterns of animals on the property

Hunting Leases with us include.

- A written hunting lease
- Insurance
- A preapproved guideline to ensure the safety and viability of hunting, the hunter, game, the land, and the land owner.